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King Edward VI Preparatory School has a dedicated Learning Support team that works with children across the school to ensure that any barriers to learning are identifies and supported.

At KES Prep we have always prided ourselves on our ability offer additional support to enable children to reach their potential, and we are broadly inclusive. Where new children join the School in the older years, our admissions process is gently selective. This ensures we can meet the needs of new pupils without compromising the support in place for those already at our School. 

Whilst we are not always being able to support pupils with a high level of need, we have a dedicated learning support team that work in all areas of the school to support teachers in providing the best possible learning outcomes for all. We are immensely proud of the progress our pupils make, and none more so than those who experience additional challenges.

We recognise that all children have different strengths, weaknesses, talents and skills; helping each and every one of our pupils ‘find their thing’ is a big part of what we do at KES Prep, regardless of academic ability.

If you would like to discuss our additional support in further detail please contact our Head of Learning Support, Hayley Kirwin, through the main office.