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At King Edward VI Preparatory School, the pupils' health and wellbeing is at the root of everything we do. We aim to deliver fresh food we can be proud of; food that will sharpen the mind, energise, and rejuvenate the body, and produce dishes that make our pupils smile. This does, of course, involve a treat or two occasionally, but we make sure they are made fresh and contain healthy ingredients where possible. 

All children have lunch at school and are served wholesome, healthy meals that are cooked on the premises. Special diets are catered for and vegetarian and vegan menus are available.  Both breakfast Club and Tea Club (for Early Years and pre Prep) are available as part of our wrap around care for our busy working families.  

With our ‘creating fresh food from scratch' ethos, we try to incorporate fresh food wherever possible, from breakfast clubs’ fresh fruit to a selection of homemade breads. Lunches range from a tasty roast to chicken, to homemade soup and bread, with baked potatoes and salad bar available each day to complement our more adventurous offerings. 

Our menus are designed to suit all ages through the school. On those days where we might be having a lovely curry, we understand the younger years' palates may not be ready for spices just yet, so we provide an alternative range on the hot plate, so everyone is happy. 

We are proud of our ingredients and we are committed to supporting British and Irish farmers. All of our meat, milk, cream, eggs and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables are Red Tractor certified and all of our seafood is sustainably sourced and MSC/Responsible Irish Fish certified.  We also source over 80 Fair Trade ingredients from fair and ethical trading organisations! 

We have very busy children here at KES Prep, and we pride ourselves of supporting their physical health and wellbeing by providing a great choice of healthy and nutritious food - and a caring and supportive dining room experience.