Beyond the Curriculum – Clubs

7 July 2022

Across our school, from Year 1 through to Year 8, our children are offered a fantastic selection of clubs to see them through the academic year.

During the Autumn and Spring terms, there were 67 clubs available throughout the week for Years 1 to 8 and in the Summer Term, we ran 76 clubs every week. These offered an array of exciting subjects and sporting opportunities: from Cooking to Yoga Club; from Ballet to Adventure Club and from Snorkelling to Computer Xplorers.

Even though we have been mindful of the COVID pandemic and avoiding extensive mixing of year groups, we have still been able to offer some new clubs to the children. In the Autumn, we introduced two new dance clubs: Acro and Groove, which are a modern fusion of dance and acrobatics to help develop a child’s confidence and ability to express themselves. This year, during our curriculum time, the children have had the opportunity to learn some Forest School skills and this was introduced as a new club in the Spring Term. We have also run an Eco Textiles Club, where the children were experimenting with natural products (such as cotton and linen, made from plants) and recycled and reused materials to create their own textiles designs and hangings. During the Summer Term, the children had the opportunity to further experience new clubs on offer, in the form of samba and snorkelling.

After school clubs are incredibly important for our children, as they can enjoy socialising with friends, or make new friends in an informal, relaxed setting. They can also learn new skills and experience something they may never have tried before in a safe environment.

Clubs continue to go from strength to strength at Stroud. It is wonderful to see the children gaining new experiences and trying out a hobby for the very first time, that will hopefully stay with them for a lifetime.