Stroud: Exploring the Cosmos in STEAM Week

18 January 2022

Stroud School children will soon be taking a giant leap into the cosmos during STEAM Week, with an exhilarating timetable of extra-terrestrial learning. Whilst they might not be able to solve the answer to the ultimate question of  life, the universe and everything, which apparently is 42, they have a week of STEAM activities where they will explore space and astronomy, the solar system, phases of the moon and space travel.  

Launching STEAM week is World Book Day, where the theme is Space. Children will be coming into school dressed as characters or space explorers from their favourite nonfiction books.  

This will launch STEAM week where the children will explore a multitude of activities to develop their love of science, technology, engineering, art and maths.  

During STEAM Week, Stroud children plan to boldly go where no child has gone before: looking at the stars, learning about planets, enjoying the planetarium and examining the very beginning of the Big Bang. 

They will participate in a variety of cross curricular learning, using mathematical and statistical elements and engineering skills. Key Stage One will design a future planet, using skills from Art and Design to think about what would be needed to sustain life. 

The children will also learn about propulsion and how rockets manage to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and make it into space. They will make a variety of different engines using water, matches, chemicals and rockets and there should be some spectacular sights as their carefully designed rockets are propelled high into the air. 

Stroud School, the feeder school to King Edward VI, Southampton, is a gently selective School in Romsey with main entry points at Nursery, Reception and Year 3. Stroud is proud of the hugely varied opportunities it provides for its children, as this is what gives children that zest for life. The experienced and dedicated teachers strive to champion each child’s talents and passions – whatever they may be. 

See STEAM Week in action at Stroud's Open Morning on Wednesday 9 March 2022 at 9.30am. To register your place, please call 01794 513231 or email